General Contact Information

The University of Tennessee County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) provides a robust online directory of all 95 counties in Tennessee, including contact information for all county officials by county, county seat, incorporated cities and population data. Because this information changes regularly, the association asks officials to help maintain that data by:

1) Managing your individual contact information via the My Member Page. Log in is required. This will allow you to update your preferred mailing address, email and telephone, as well as a photograph of yourself, OR,
2) Call or email your CTAS field consultant or the CTAS Central Office at 615/532-3555 to notify them of any change in your information. Click here for a contact map for CTAS field consultants, OR,
3) Contact TCCA or the Tennessee County Services Association by calling 615/532-3767 to suggest changes.

County Profiles

Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR)

Choose a county and then the document in the file format you prefer.  >>GO TO SITE

University of Tennessee Center for Business & Economic Research (CBER)

State data center with access to US Census data and products. >>GO TO SITE

State of Tennessee

Select a county for more information.  >>GO TO SITE

Tennessee Economic Council on Women

The Tennessee Economic Council on Women assesses Tennessee women’s economic status. It develops and advocates solutions to address women’s needs in order to help women achieve economic autonomy. In setting its priorities, the Council selects issues that are timely and likely to result in positive changes for women.  >>GO TO SITE

The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal

The Memphis newspaper maintains a Data Center, assembled from assorted facts from public records and government data.  >>GO TO SITE