Training Programs from TCSA and UT CTAS

The UT County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) is the state of Tennessee's premier training resource for county officials. CTAS provides technical assistance and year-round training for all things related to county government. Check out the CTAS website for more information, including upcoming in-person and virtual training opportunities. Some trainings are scheduled, while other trainings and certification programs can be completed at your own pace! 

TCSA Third Thursday Webinar Series (2024)

TCSA partnered with several organizations throughout 2023 (and continuing in 2024) to bring virtual webinar trainings and legislative/policy updates specifically to Tennessee county mayors, commissioners, and highway executives. These recorded webinars are available on TCSA's YouTube page. If you are a county official seeking UT CTAS training credit for viewing these webinar recordings, please login through the UT K@TE system using your established username and password. If you're having trouble with your K@TE account, please contact CTAS's customer service department. 

The Changing Interest Rate Environment and County Investments (February 2024)

Opioid Abatement Funding Solutions for Tennessee Counties (February 2024)