TCSA Recognizes Contributions of Steve Walker, Former CTAS Consultant, During Annual Meeting

Long ago the Tennessee County Services Association recognized that the level of customer service it provides year in and year out could not be done by just its staff members alone. It takes the collective teamwork of association members, their staffs and a strong group of public service professionals who have made it their career to provide the most effective service to every one of our shared constituents, you, our county officials and offices. From time to time the association has taken a few minutes to recognize one of those truly Outstanding Public Service Professionals with an award that bears that name.

"We want to take that special moment this morning to honor someone no longer with us in person," said David Connor, executive director of TCSA. "However, Steve H. Walker leaves a lasting impression and impact on us all. It is hard to believe that Steve’s passing was nearly a year ago. He was a good friend and a long-time consultant with The University of Tennessee County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS)."

The recognition was presented during TCSA's annual County Government Day on March 13, 2018, in Metro Nashville Davidson County.

At the time of his death, Steve had just returned to work with CTAS after about 10 years as a marketing representative for the Tennessee County Services Loan Program. Prior to that he worked for a number of years as finance director for Cheatham County.

Steve passed away May 19, 2017, after a battle with cancer.

"For those who knew him, you know his heart belonged to his daughters, Lizzie and Torie," said Connor. "He spoke often of them and they kept him hopping throughout the years as they played sports and stayed active in a number of other school and community activities. In fact, he and his wife, Lorie, were vocal advocates for their children, so much so that Steve ran for and served a number of years as a member of the county School Board before they graduated from high school."

Steve took the passion he had for family and rolled that into his service of county governments, spending countless hours on the road and on the phone advising officials from one end of the state to another. It is because of that commitment that we honor him this morning.

"This posthumous award is simply a token of our appreciation for the life Steve lead and the service and friendship he shared with so many of us," Connor said. "The impact Steve had on county governments in Tennessee is a tremendous testament to his dedication and hard work.”

The plaque reads…

“This 2018 Outstanding Public Service Professional Award Is Proudly Presented To Steve H. Walker in Grateful Appreciation Of His Exemplary Service Throughout His Career To Tennessee County Governments”

Steve’s wife, Lorie, and his daughter Lizzie were at the general session to accept the recognition. His daughter Torrie was unable to attend because of classes.

"We wanted to use this as a way to say thank you to them for their support of their husband and father, who made a definite positive impact on the lives of Tennesseans and – speaking for myself and others who worked closely with him – his friends at our county associations and at CTAS," said Connor.