New Mobile App Highlights TCSA Member, Events

County mayors, commissioners and county highway officials have a new tool to keep up to date on association-related events and membership. Tennessee County Services Association and its affiliates now have a Mobile App available for download to the myriad of mobile devices. Designed for a population that is increasingly on the go, the app includes office and staff contact information, a detailed calendar of meetings and conferences, as well as the ability to register via the mobile device.

A full directory of TCSA-member officials is included by county and includes key county staff contacts that have been provided to the associations over the years. The app is interactive and allows users to easily call and email from the member directory. A quick link to the Tennessee General Assembly website is also provided. Links to association publications, the legislative-focused Capitol Update and the association newspaper TN County News, are included as well.

A forum has been created within the app for use by TCSA members who want to communicate about issues of interest. It is also a place to share thoughts and images about what is being discussed during association events.

The new app is available through the Apple store (TCSAApp) and the Google Play (Tennessee County Services Association). For those who download the app, TCSA and its affiliates plan to use some of the notification features within the app to keep members abreast of updates. For instance, if the location of a conference session changes, TCSA can let users know of the agenda change so users stay up to date. The same notification system can be used for legislative updates as well.

The associations rolled the app out for a trial run during the Legislative Conference in late May. A number of updates and changes have already been made since then, based on feedback from members. TCSA welcomes further input as it continues to enter member data and improves app functionality.

“We would ask every TCSA member to download the app and check the data in there to make sure it is accurate,” said David Connor, TCSA executive director. “Users have pointed out some things where the data did not accurately upload and showed us other areas that are being addressed now. We want your help in making this an effective tool for county officials across the state.”

For questions about the app, or to provide feedback for improvement, contact the TCSA office by calling (615) 532-3767 by emailing