Conferences & Meetings

Throughout the year, the Tennessee County Services Association and its affiliate associations hold three major statewide conferences and multiple regional and district meetings for their members. The primary purpose of these events is to educate officials about current issues impacting counties and inform them of legislative proposals and changes that will affect the way they deliver services, provide training on critical management skills and topics, and create opportunities to network and build relationships with fellow officials from across the state.

County Government Day

Early in the legislative session, a two-day conference on Capitol Hill is held in Metro Nashville-Davidson County, bringing together all county officials to allow them to meet with their legislators and attend Senate and House sessions and committee meetings. This annual County Government Day conference is held in conjunction with the County Officials Association of Tennessee which represents the elected and appointed court clerks, trustees, county clerks and registers of deeds. It is an excellent opportunity for county officials to see the General Assembly in action, meet with their elected delegation and discuss the issues impacting county government.

Legislative Conference

In the late spring, at the end of the General Assembly session, TCSA hosts its annual Legislative Conference in Sevier County. This more informal event offers members great opportunities to meet and network. The conference is focused on reports of how legislative actions impact county government, from new laws and amendments to existing statutes to the newly adopted state budget.

Annual Fall Conference & Trade Show

The major event of each year for TCSA is its Annual Fall Conference & Trade Show, held on a rotating basis statewide. It is at the fall conference that members adopt the official legislative platform for the coming legislative year and elect new officers and board members of TCSA and each affiliate association. The fall conference is packed with membership meetings, general sessions, breakout educational sessions and workshops. The trade show features an exhibit hall with vendors of goods and services used by counties as well as state departments and agencies that work with county governments. Each year the Bob Wormsley “Outstanding County Official of the Year Award” is presented. The association also recognizes best practices being implemented by counties with a "County Success" award each year at this meeting.