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TCSA Accepting Vacant Executive Board Position Nominations for West Tennessee Counties Seats


Interested in serving in the leadership of TCSA? Our board is set with staggered terms so every year positions come open on the board and there are opportunities to serve. These positions are typically filled at TCSA’s annual fall conference, but there is currently a vacancy on the TCSA Board of Directors for a West Tennessee County Commissioner representative. 

In addition to the officers, affiliate presidents and representatives of the large urban counties, the board has nine members who serve three-year staggered terms. There are three positions for county mayors, three for county commissioners and three for highway superintendents, with one from each of the state’s three grand divisions. There is only one year left in the West Tennessee County Commissioner position, however, an individual who did not serve a full term is eligible for reappointment to a full three-year term following that service. 

The TCSA Board of Directors is currently seeking nominations for a West Tennessee county commissioner + a West Tennessee county mayor to fill the vacant seat on the board for the remainder of the term. 

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should provide basic information about their service in county government and their involvement with the association and its affiliates, including any experience they have had serving in leadership roles. To be considered for appointment, your county must be current in its dues to TCSA.

To apply, you can simply email all of the above-requested information to TCSA, and we will forward your information to the board for consideration.