The Certified Emergency Management Program was created to raise and maintain professional standards in the State of Tennessee.  It is a program to certify basic competencies within the profession.  The intent of the program is to certify the education and experience of professionals from the proficiency level to senior level to advanced level. The chairman of the Emergency Management Program Education Review Committee will lead the evaluation process and make recommendations of policy to the EMAT Executive Board.

Levels of Certification (click to download application):

a.      EM-1 (Emergency Manager One)

b.      EM-II (Emergency Manager Two)

c.      TN-CEMP (Certified Emergency Management Professional)

Certification Fees

  • EM 1 $30.00
  • EM II $55.00
  • TN-CEMP $110.00
  • Recertification fee (any level) $30.00 – every 5 years on anniversary of approval

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Those who currently hold a certification through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), and are in good standing, may follow the applicable guidance below to obtain certification:

EMAT Transition Guide for CEM® Candidates

EMAT Transition Guide for AEM® Candidates